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Exposing the "Israel=Apartheid" Myth

The comparison between apartheid-era South Africa and modern-day Israel is a palpably false one. In reality, of all the countries in the Middle East, Israel is the least discriminatory, particularly with regard to the rights of religious minorities. It would be much more plausible to make a case for Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and other neighboring states to be ‘apartheid’ societies.

Apartheid was not just a word, but an entire legal and social system, an all-encompassing system of repressive laws that enforced racial segregation in all walks of life at the expense of the non-white majority. In order to make the Israel=Apartheid analogy stick, one has to be able to compare those laws with the situation as it exists in Israel. Doing so quickly reveals the comparison to be false in virtually every detail. Check it out for yourself: [Attachment: Israel and Apartheid: Let’s Really Compare Them]