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So what was Apartheid?

Apartheid in South Africa was the imposition of institutionalized race-based separation in every conceivable field, from the political arena through to place of residence, citizenship, public amenities, education, politics, the labor market and even the bedroom. It blatantly discriminated in favor of the white minority. Non-whites lived in a legislative strait-jacket, their every movement controlled by patently iniquitous laws and their natural desire to better themselves deliberately hamstrung by a system that explicitly aimed at keeping them in a state of permanent subservience.

Apartheid in South Africa was based on racial criteria and such racism was mandatory. Even whites opposed to racist policies had no choice but to comply with them. Courts had to enforce apartheid legislation, no matter what the personal feelings of the judges might have been, universities had no choice but to base their admissions policies on racial criteria and businesses could not employ qualified blacks in senior positions.

Non-Whites - Blacks, mixed race people and Asians, mainly Indians - suffered from the legalized deprivation aimed at imposing white domination on the rest of the population. The law not only denied the vote to Non-Whites, but legislated to force discrimination in every conceivable way.
Attachment: Apartheid: The Many Faces of Racial Domination