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Socio-Economic Gaps in Israel

While there are socio-economic inequalities in Israel, these are not a result of institutionalised legal discrimination against certain groups (as was the case in apartheid South Africa). Nor is poverty confined to the non-Jewish minority, but rather is a problem within sectors - such as the very religious - of the Jewish community as well. The economic position of Christian Arabs is comparable to that of the Jewish population, showing that economic imbalances are not the result of anti-Arab prejudice.

Many problems of the Muslim Arabs are endemic to their culture rather than being the result of discriminatory policies. Muslim society discourages the participation of women in the workforce, for example, and Muslim Arabs also tend to have large families. Muslim Arabs also tend to be suspicious of the modern non-cash economy based on invisible assets. Because Christian Arabs do not hold these socio-economic tenets, they are more successful despite being subject to the same governmental policy.