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Building Blocks of Freedom

Democracy Means

  • Leaders and lawmakers are appointed to office through free and fair elections.
  • Government is accountable to the electorate between elections and operates with openness and transparency
  • All citizens, including members of ethnic, religious and other minority groups, have full political rights and electoral opportunities.
  • The right of all to organize in political parties of their choice, free from interference from the military, totalitarian parties or any other powerful group
  • Judicial independence
  • Freedom of the media and cultural expression
  • Religious institutions and communities are free to practice their faith and express themselves in public and private
  • Academic freedom is fully upheld and the educational system is free of political indoctrination
  • Freedom of assembly, demonstration, and open public discussion
  • Trade unions are free and active and effective collective bargaining takes place
  • Equality of opportunity, with all citizens having the right to own property and establish private businesses without undue interference from government officials, the security forces and political interest groups.